The Isle of Cranberry

Hi there. Welcome to a c o o l place for all of the fresh g a m e r s out there on the World Wide Web.

The Great Pyramid of Sean

Thanks for stopping by. I see you have made it safely to the Island of Cranberry. In this m y s t i c r e a l m of cool and nice vibes, I hope you enjoy my thoughts on many topics I find i n t e r e s t i n g. I'll talk about things such as and and and . Please enjoy your stay here in the f r e s h z o n e, and feel free to sign the guestbook if you wish --->. Take some time to gaze upon the Great Pyramid of Sean. Also check out some cool links by clicking below.

The Library of Crandor

Here's a list of pages on this site. These p a g e s are contained within the Books of Rand, held in the Library of Crandor. Stay and browse the contents of the Library for as long as you like.




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